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100 MB Webspace Virtual IP
Rs. 2000/- p.a.

P a c k a g e 1 includes *
100 MB Web Space
5 POP email accounts
Web based email interface
1000 MB / Month Data Transfer
Search Engine submission tool
Password Protect web Folders
Online Manual
Create customized error page
PHP 4.0
Own cgi-bin
Control Panel
1 FTP Accounts

Online Statistics Webalizer

email Auto responders

email Forwarders

Front Page Extensions

Real Audio / Video

Catch all mail account

Weekly Backup **

File Manager

Spam Filters

Block Email

Raw Logs

Change MX Records

Apache Handlers


Pre Configured Scripts

Simple Cgi Wrapper - Guest Book - Counter - Clock - Cgi-Email - Count Down - Form Mail Clone - Free Search Engine - Banner Exchange




A domain name is a unique identifier that allows internet users to find and use a specific web site. There are several different levels of domain names, (e.g., www.Yahoo.com , where "com" is the Top Level Domain, "yahoo" is the second level domain, and "www" is the third level domain)

Check your .COM .NET .ORG availability


Domain Name
A domain name is effectively and address used by web surfers to find a website. For example the domain name http://www.domain.com is used by web surfers to find Domain.com's web site. Each domain name is translated by computers into a numerical sequence that computers can understand. If you are looking for some “in depth” information about domain names you will find some technical terms used in the domain name industry below.

The term “domain name” is a very general term and is often preceded by another term to more specifically define to what someone is referring.
First of all, there are different levels of domain names as the following examples and definitions show.

1) Top Level Domains (sometimes called a TLD) (http://www.domain.com)
2) Second level domains (http://www.domain.com)
3) Third level domains (http://seo.domain.com)
4) Country code Top Level Domain (called a ccTLD)

1) There are several Top Level Domain's (TLD's) in existence today, the most widely used is .com. The 1980's brought the existence of several gTLD's (generic TLD's) which include: com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .int, and .mil. The public was allowed to register second level domains in only .com, .net, and .org and the others had certain restrictions which needed to be met in order to register a second level domain (e.g., you needed to work for the government in order to register in the .gov TLD).

Other gTLD's came into existence circa 2001, including: .info, .biz, .name, and .pro. Only .info is unrestricted and allows the public to register without owning a business for .biz and being some sort of professional (e.g., doctor or lawyer) for .pro. It appears that new gTLD's will be added in the future. Adding new gTLD's gives people the opportunity to register a domain name in a new TLD that is taken in an existing TLD (e.g., www.candy.com is taken but someone can now register www.candy.info).

There are also several existing sTLD's (sponsored TLD's) which include aero, .coop, and .museum. It looks as if more sTLD's will be added in the future. A sTLD has a “sponsor” which represents a niche community (e.g., .aero represents airports, air pilots, and other air related web sites). http://www.domainbank.com is the largest .aero registrar as of this writing.
You can visit http://www.icann.org/tlds/ for more information regarding TLD's

2) Most people refer to the term “domain name” when describing a second level domain name. A second level domain name is the part of the domain that proceeds the TLD (e.g., domain.com). The second level domain name is limited by several factors such as: length of domain name (about 63 characters is the maximum length), until recently only roman characters have been acceptable (numbers and letters), the only other character is the hyphen, which can not be used at the beginning or end of the domain but only within a domain (e.g., doma-in.com is ok, but domain-.com and -domain.com are not). There are currently programs which are adding umlauts and other characters into the acceptable character realm.

3) Third level domains like seo.domain.com are widespread but used much less that second level domain names. The owner of a second level domain can add infinite third level domains to their second level domain name but web masters tend to add file extensions instead. For example a web master would add domain.com/seo.html rather than seo.domain.com. The www in www.domain.com stands for World Wide Web and is a third level domain that is most often a default set by a webmaster (i.e., an internet surfer could type in “www.domain.com” or just “domain.com” and get the exact same web page). Sometimes you will see larger web sites use www1 and www2 to proceed their second level domain name. These are third level domains which typically are directing Internet traffic to different web servers to help balance the load of a lot of Internet traffic.

4) ccTLD's are representative of sovereign countries, for example a .uk TLD is referencing the United Kingdom. There are many ccTLD's each with their own set of rules for who can and can not register a second level domain in their ccTLD. Each also has its own price point and individual set of rules. You can find a good list of ccTLD's at http://www.iana.org/cctld/cctld-whois.htm

Domain.com is committed to providing current domain information to our customers. Domain names are our business and we want serve and inform internet uses as much as possible about the products we are providing. Please contact out support staff with any questions you might have regarding domain names. learn more

Dedicated IP 500 MB Webspace
Rs. 3500/- p.a.

P a c k a g e 2 includes *
Windows 2003 Server
250 MB Web Space /250 MB Mail Space
50 POP email accounts
Web based email interface
1000 MB / Month Data Transfer
Online Manual
1 FTP Accounts
1 Control Panel for Hosting
1 CPanel for emails
Virus Free email
Raw Log

Dedicated IP
[Hardly any service provider offers this for FREE.]

Mail Filter
[Block unwanted words]

email Auto responders

email Forwarders

Catch all mail account

File Manager











Server Configuration
Installed Softwares
Super Micro Dual Xeon 3.06Ghz
Linux RedHat /Fedora
Pre-installed cgi scripts

* Unless otherwise stated ALL of the features listed above are available with ALL of our LINUX Hosting Plans.

** we stand no surety/guarantee that we will be able to offer the same as it is the clients responsibility to keep a backup of his website content and emails.

We have more hosting plans feel free to contact us for better hosting solution at sales@incgenesis.com

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Managed DNS Service

only Rs 200.00 ** per year


Managed DNS Service allows you to manage DNS Zone records for your domain name. You can Add / Modify / Delete A, CNAME, MX, NS and SOA records for your domain name Learn More

Mail Forwarding

only Rs 200.00 ** per year


You can forward all email addressed to anything@ yourdomain.com to any destination email addresses of your choice. Learn More

Domain Forwarding

only Rs 200.00 ** per year


Domain Forwarding is used to forward any visitors to your domain name to any destination of your choice. Learn More



Note: All The prices mentioned above are annual unless otherwise specified and are subject to change without any prior notice.



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